Countdown To Christmas – Business Tips No. 21

by Michelle

Create A Business Marketing Blog

Local Business Marketing Plan

I recently gave a friend of mine  (who is a local business owner) a link to my new video, offering to teach business owners how to take charge of their own online marketing with my free video course.

This course teaches how to create your own website, blog or both.   Little did I know that I had already put off potential clients because in the video I mentioned the word “blog” .

I wasn’t there at the time my friend watched it, but they told me they switched off at that point – they simply had no idea of what I was talking about. I apparently talk double dutch (I’ve no idea where that phrase originated, fascinating really), but I digress…

So the question is:

Does My Business Need A Website Or A Blog?

Well the reason I chose the picture you see above was to illustrate the point that your website is the hub, it is yours, you own and control it and it is at the heart of all your other marketing efforts.  At the very least you need a website that can get found online, all of the other items surrounding the website are tools that will greatly help your site get found.

Your website is your company’s brochure, presence and contact, it shows that you are a professional organisation.

The next question is:

What is a blog?

A blog has come a long way from being a diary for all and sundry, a “Blog” is a collection of regularly published content called “Posts”, this will contain company news updates by means of videos, articles, interviews, recent achievements and events, etc., etc.,

These regular updates attract the search engines and bring new visitors to your site, this invites interaction from visitors in the form of comments.  The more interaction you get with your audience the more they like and trust you, and people like to buy from people they like and trust.

The blog is attached and interweaved with the website really, because it usually resides on the same platform. It doesn’t have to, but it makes sense to do that.

Having a blog is a great way to get relevant content onto your website. It can potentially attract new readers, bring you new customers, position you as an expert and generate lots of sales.

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