Countdown To Christmas – Business Tips No. 16

by Michelle


Local Business Marketing TipsHave you ever considered running a competition?

You can give small services or products away to help market your business. You can promote it on social media and approach local connections and local media.  Bear in mind that their are a lot of rules often involved in running a competition, so do check those out thoroughly for whatever platform you are using.

Competitions are great for brand awareness, building up a database list, encouragement to try or buy and can be placed on many competition related directories and websites.

Competitions and Prize Draws Have Been Used to Promote Brands and Businesses for Years,You Only Have to Turn on a Television or Look in the Local Newspaper!

So why a Competition for your Facebook Page?

  • To reward your existing database of customers.
  • To attract new visitors to your Facebook Page.
  • To promote a special offer, sponsor or product you are offering.
  • To create social proof on your Facebook Page.
  • To build a mailing list !!

By using prize incentives Businesses are able to engage with fans and attract new followers very quickly!
At Fanpage Competitions – we want you to succeed with your Social Media Efforts and Grow your Business.  One of the simplest ways to achieve this, is to set up a Competition to create Buzz around your Brand.

Running a competition on Twitter or Facebook? How to get the


When running a competition on the social web, it’s important that you remember that one of your objectives should always be to reach a wide audience that can relate to your brand and business. You don’t want only to attract

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