Countdown To Christmas – Business Tips No. 17

by Michelle

Guest Blogging

‘Guest blogging’ – also known as ‘guest posting’ can be very beneficial to a business.
If you write an article and use it as a guest post on someone elses website, this can expose you and your business to whole new set of people. It will also create a valuable backlink from the other site to your own.

If you invite somebody else to write a guest post for your website, this will give the author the same benefits as described above, and for you it will provide your readers with relevant and interesting content. This means your visitors will be more likely to return and will consider your website to be a valuable resource.

Guest Blogging and How it Works | Business 2 Community


Guest blogging is one of the best ways to get good quality backlinks, which, in turn, help boost search engine rankings for the pages the backlinks are. little about quality control. We don’t like wasting our time or anyone else’s. We only create content we are proud of and we offer it to people we respect and like doing business with. Mostly it’s other small business owners who take their business seriously and who don’t publish articles just because it’s more content.

What Does Google Think Of Guest Blogging These Days?

It seems that good quality content and links are crucial, here is Matt Cutts with the low down:

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