Countdown To Christmas – Business Tips No. 19

by Michelle

Marketing Tips – Blog Commenting

Local Business Tips - Blog Commenting Put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer, what would they be typing into the search on Google or the other search engines? You can go into more  depth and analyse this using the Google keyword tool if you know how, or just use common sense and type into the search anything that your potential customers may be interested in.

The results that show are usually targeted to your local area, or more and more it is becoming that way, if I do this it does not pinpoint me exactly but it’s fairly close.  I recently tested this with a colleague of mine in the USA and we both experienced the same results regardless of whether we were signed in to our Google Plus accounts or not.

Sorry if I confused you there and whilst it may seem that I was digressing slightly,  it is relevant because what we search for will come up with local results primarily, and the very same will happen to our potential customers.

So, if we find popular blogs related to our industry, we can read and comment on posts of those sites that are ranking highly.

This is very important and beneficial to us as a local business, and these are the reasons why:

  • We have a large, targeted and interested audience
  • These sites rank highly on Google so we get an authority backlink
  • We can give a really relevant, knowledgeable comment, which helps to establish our credibility
  • Visitors to the blog who are reading comments are super interested and will get to know you when you comment
  • The blog owner and the readers will become interested in your knowledge and perspective and this is how we build relationships online
Always remember that people buy from people they know, like and trust. How much they will pay or how far they will travel or how many hoops they will jump through will vary depending on how much they want a particular product or service.
Use your integrity and always add value to a conversation, online or offline, people will relate to you and always remember it. Don’t look for lots of places, choose quality places with established respect and authority – and of course popularity!

The great thing about this method of marketing is that you will find out what the market wants. Think about it, you have just found this site on probably the first page of Google! Therefore, the subjects and comments by others give you a goldmine of information about your own market!

As an aside, with all the hoo haa about SEO and optimization tricks, if you give good content and value to your market this will now pull more weight than any of those gimmicks.

Don’t get me wrong, SEO is not dead, it just means more quality content and social proof (i.e., building those relevant relationships).
Images and videos will still need descriptions and tags to help the search engines understand the content, but they are becoming wise to the over-optimization and keyword stuffing.

I noticed a few months back YouTube were trying to transcribe the videos and they were displaying beneath whatever video was playing, very hilarious results, but the point was to try and provide the most relevant results to the searcher… funny though 🙂
I believe they are now doing the same for Google Hangouts, more to find out and learn all the time of course…

Everything will change much quicker than we can keep up, so don’t use gimmicks or tricks, be an honest respectable business with value to offer, people will respect that and stick with you.
It is true for the most part that people will stick with what they have because they can’t be bothered to change – until they find out their car insurance is HALF PRICE if they renew with someone else!

It is much easier to satisfy an existing customer and keep them than to pay and market to find new ones.


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