Countdown To Christmas – Business Tips No. 23

by Michelle

How To Get Traffic To Your Local Business Website Using Forum Marketing and Yahoo Answers

Local Business Marketing Tips

One of the key ways to succeed in business is to solve peoples problems, online forums are excellent places to find out what is being talked about in your particular line of business.

Have a look online for discussions on topics relating to your business, sign up to forums and actively take part. Go to Google and type in “your topic + forum” into the search box. So for example if you are have a dental practice you would type in “dentist forum”.

Another website that is excellent for the business owner to find relevant conversations is Yahoo Answers.  You can find people who are actively seeking solutions to their problems, and guide them to your website where they can join your email list or buy something that solves their problem.

Staying with the dentist example, I went to and clicked on the second tab ‘Browse Categories’, clicked on the sub-category ‘Health’ , and then again on the sub-category ‘Dental’.

I was amazed by the results, look at how current they are!

Local Business Marketing Tips - Dental

An alternative way to search is to use the Advanced search at the top of the page, where you can fill in various fields for more specific content.

Local Business Marketing Tips - Yahoo Answers

At the bottom of this screen you have the option to select different country specific Yahoo Answers, so if you are in the UK and do not serve the international market, you would select the corresponding flag.
Local Business Marketing Tips - Yahoo Answers

You do have to sign up to Yahoo Answers to participate, so make sure you sign up and take part. The more questions you answer the more points you get, build up your points and reputation on the site and then gradually start adding your own links to your answers. Do not spam the site and do not insert links everywhere and anywhere, keep it helpful and specific and only include a link in about 1 in 10 answers once you have built up that reputation.

Keep a log of all relevant questions and answers, by yourself and others and use this information to use as blog posts, or a  FAQ section on your website. Even better, compile a short report that you can use as a free gift for people who sign up to your email list on your website.

Just use common sense and have respect for the site and others at all times, you should never be short of ideas or content using this method and hopefully it will bring you some new custom 🙂

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