Countdown To Christmas – Business Tips No. 25

by Michelle

Local Business Marketing Tips

Finding Images For Your Website

Okay, I agree that the acorn picture screams more ‘AUTUMN’ than ‘CHRISTMAS’ but it happened to be the freebie stock photo at the time of creating this post.

Notice that I didn’t say at the time of publishing this post, those are two different things that we will look at later ­čÖé
Images are so important because it draws the eye, and gives a visual representation of what you are trying to portray.

I was watching a presentation the other day and I’ve got to say that I kept drifting off thinking about what I need to do and lots of things were churning away at the back of my mind. I was so annoyed with myself because I knew the presentation had good information in it, but the truth is – it was boring me! It couldn’t hold my attention!

It reminds me of History and Geography lessons at school, I hated them. They were so boring and tedious, yet I love the subjects now….

I do realise that the problem is twofold, firstly I was young and had far better things to do (not) and secondly, the delivery was boring and not enough visual and animation was given.

These days with so many Television channels and the wealth of information and videos on the internet, ┬áthere really is no excuse. If you have information that helps somebody or teaches them about something, or just want to say something to get noticed – you need visuals, text is very valuable but you will be leaving a lot of money on the table if that is all you are using.

Video (and audio too for that matter) is for another day, today it is just about images…

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