Countdown To Christmas – Business Tips No.26

by Michelle

Local Business Marketing Training

How To Get Customers – Local Business Marketing

Many thanks to the wonderful Marie Forleo from for today’s business tips.

In this video Marie teaches us five specific marketing tactics to get new customers.
This particular scenario relates to a cupcake business, but whatever your business, you’ll get some fabulous ideas you can use right now!

1 – The importance of staying in touch with prospects and customers and why having a business email list is the cheapest and easiest way to do it.
2 – Why finding local partners to connect to and form with relationships with can sky rocket your reach.
3 – A specific strategy you can use with social media to attract local customers.
4 – How to highlight customer testimonials to show social proof.
5 – Why you need to show people the key ways you are different to stand out in the crowd.

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