Countdown To Christmas – Business Tips No.29

by Michelle

Local Business Marketing Tips

Word Of Mouth/Referral Marketing

Word Of Mouth (WOM) or Word Of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) is the most powerful way to attract new customers.

Always make sure you leave little ‘feedback’ forms or postcards around the premises and politely ask people if they wouldn’t mind filling one in. If they say they that they haven’t got the time ask them to take one with them and fill it in online. N.B. Make sure your website address is on the form.  Even better, have a QR code on them (or on a poster) that they can scan with their mobile phone, this can take them to an online form to write a testimonial.
You can provide an incentive by way of a discount on their next visit for those who do this.
This can easily be adapted for online only businesses.

In much the same way, asking for referrals can be very powerful, it works online or offline… for example, Living Social, Groupon or similar emails you with a  special offer, if you can get three or more of your friends to purchase the special offer also, then yours is free!

I know of a business owner who tells his customers to tell all their friends about his service, and everytime they bring a friend with them on a visit (obviously the friend has to be a ‘new’ customer) then the referring customer gets £15 in cash.  This particular business tends to attract repeat customers, so not making a lot on a first sale is well worth it.

Think  about what you can do in your business to encourage more customers.

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