How To Backup WordPress

by Michelle

How To Backup Or Clone Your WordPress Website Or Blog

How To Backup A WordPress Website Or Blog

How To Backup A WordPress Website Or Blog

As a business owner or entrepreneur marketing online, it is crucial that you perform a full backup of your website and/or blog at regular intervals and particularly before you do any updates.

A WordPress site consists of two components that will need to be backed up, these are the database and the files.

There are many plugins available for WordPress to backup your site, some free and some are paid. Many of these plugins will only backup one of the two necessary components, usually it is the database. There are some plugins that will backup both and these are very convenient as they can be scheduled to do regular automatic backups, so that you don’t need to remember to it manually and I will be taking a look at these plugins at a later date.

Wordpress Website Backup

WordPress Website Backup

For now, I want to show you how you can do a manual backup of your site, to include both the database and the files. This will ensure that you can still backup your site reliably if you have a problem with the plugins you use, and it will also give you a better understanding of what the process involves.

The method I show you here also shows you how to clone your site and restore the backup to your server, which is something that many plugin creators fail to provide.

One very important thing to do, whether using a plugin or performing a manual backup, is to store a copy of your backups both on your own computer and off your computer, this can either be on an external hard drive or memory stick, or in the ‘cloud’, i.e., Dropbox or Google Drive. Some of the plugins allow you email a copy to yourselves too. The more options you can take advantage of the better obviously.

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